Abiquiu Sketches
2 Percussion: Vibraphone, Xylophone, Marimba, Orchestra Bells, 2 Tom-toms, 2 Muted
Brake Drums, Shekere, Tambourine, Marimba, Bass Drum

Fog and the Sun at Memory Beach
3 Percussion.
on 1: Vibraphone, Marimba
Percussion 2. Tam-tam, Tubular Bells, Crash Cymbals
Medium suspended Cymbal, Triangle, Crotales
Percussion 3: Timpani, Large Bass Drum, Orchestra Bells

For Orchestra: Variation Fragments
Percussion 1: 4 Toms, Bass Drum, Orchestra Bells, Deep Tam-tam
Percussion 2: Tubular Bells, Marimba, 3 Brake Drums
Percussion 3: Xylophone, Castanets, Large Woodblock, Marching Bass Drum with attached
Crash Cymbal, Tuned Gongs (Ab, D)

Grand Hope Crossing
3 Percussion:
Percussion 1: 4 Low Tom-toms, Medium Bass Drum
Percussion 2: Xylophone, Tam-tam (optional)
Percussion 3: Orchestra Bells, Large Temple Block, 2 Cowbells (high and
low), Medium Stand Cymbal, Triangle

La SoLa
2 Percussion:
Percussion 1: Xylophone
Percussion 2: Marimba

2 Percussion: Vibraphone, Xylophone, Tubular Bells, Triangle, Cymbals, Snare Drum,
Bass Drum

Symphony in Three Movements
Timpani (2)
1 Percussion: Xylophone, Vibraphone, Snare Drum, Tam-tam, Large Woodblock

Symphony Number 2
4 Percussion:
Percussion 1: Xylophone, Marimba, 2 Tom-toms (2nd lowest and 2nd highest of 6),
Snare Drum, Bongos, Stand Cymbal, Low- Medium- and High-Brakedrums
Percussion 2: Vibraphone, 2 Tom-toms (lowest and 3rd highest of 6), Snare Drum,
Timbales, Stand Cymbal, Triangle
Percussion 3: Xylophone, 2 Bass Drums, 2 Tom-toms (3rd lowest and highest of
6), Tubular Bells, Tam-tam
Percussion 4 (4th movement only): Cowbell(s)

Symphony Number 3
In preparation

Concertino for Bassoon and 6 Instruments
1 Percussion: Orchestra Bells, Small Shaker

Concertino for Flute and Mixed Quintet
1 Percussion: Marimba

Concertino for Oboe and 6 Instruments
1 Percussion: Vibraphone, Bass Drum, 3 Tom-toms

La SoLa II
2 Percussion:
Percussion 1: Xylophone
Percussion 2: Marimba

Sonata for Clarinet and Percussion
1 Percussion: Vibraphone, Marimba, Tam-tam, High- and Low- Stand Cymbals,
Triangle, 5 Temple blocks - Low to High, Bass Drum, 3 Snare (or other)
Drums - Low to High, Bongos, A 440 Antique Cymbal, A 440 Xylophone
Block, A 440 Box Chime, A 440 (Ossia: 880) Brake Drum

Strike Zone
7 Percussion:
Percussion 1: Marimba, Water Gong
Percussion 2: Marimba, Claves
Percussion 3: Xylophone, 4 Stand Cymbals
Percussion 4: Vibraphone, Roto-toms, Brake Drum
Percussion 5: 4 Temple Blocks, Bongo Drums, Timbales, 2 Stand Cymbals, Crotales
Percussion 6: 4 Tom-toms, 4 Temple Bells, Brake Drum
Percussion 7: 4 Wood Blocks, 4 Cowbells, Bass Drum, Tam-tam, Deep Gong, Tambourine

Two Pieces for Four Trombones, Percussion and String Bass
4 Percussion:
Percussion 1: Conga, Bongos
Percussion 2: Kick Drum, Floor Tom, Small Snare Drum, Large Stand Cymbal
with rivets, High Hat, 2nd Highest of 4 Cowbells
Percussion 3: Large Bass Drum, Field Drum (Snares), Medium Stand Cymbal,
Lowest of 3 Woodblocks, 2nd Lowest of 4 Cowbells, Highest of 3 Woodblocks, Claves
Percussion 4: Vibraphone, Xylophone, Scraped Gourd, Tambourine, Lowest of 4 Cowbells, 2nd Highest of 3 Woodblocks,
Highest of 4 Cowbells

Cantata: The Garden of Proserpine
2 Percussion: Vibraphone, Xylophone, Tubular Bells (Chimes), Six Drums of different pitch, Bass Drum