Three Songs
(1. I see my plaint…, II. Love whom you wish, III. Nature)

Doberman/Yppan DO 600
Night of Four Moons
Catherine Cooper, voice and Kevin Cooper, guitar

Dusan Bogdanovic, Native American Songs and Two Songs
Steven Gates, Madrigals
Leo Brouwer, Dos canciones
Barry McNaughton, Green to Blue
David Leisner, Rozhinkes mit Mandlen



Town Hall Records CD-TH24
"for Ralph Grierson, commissioned works for keyboards"
Ralph Grierson, keyboards

Morton Subotnick, Liquid Strata
William Kraft, Requiescat
Ralph Grierson, Sometimes … Not Always




Cambria 8810
Southwest Chamber Music, Composer Portrait Series
Funded by a CAC Challenge Grant, the Michael Connell Foundation, and the Ahmanson Foundation.

Jeff von der Schmidt, horn and Jan Karlin, viola
Bridges Hall, Pomona, January 8, 1998

Duo for Horn and Piano

Jeff von der Schmidt, horn and Susan Svrcek, piano
Bridges Hall, Pomona, March 19, 1998

Five Fugues for String Quartet (Sir Blue Slips a Trend)

Amy Sims, Agnes Gottschewski, violins, Jan Karlin, viola, Marilyn Harris-Bardet, cello
Bridges Hall, Pomona College, July 13, 1997

Robert Linn, Divertimento for Oboe, 2 Horns and Strings



Sonata for Clarinet and Percussion 

Crystal Records  CD737
Mitchell Lurie, clarinet and Karen Ervin (Pershing), percussion

Halsey Stevens, Concerto for Clarinet & String Orchestra
Robert Muczynski, Time Pieces for Clarinet and Piano, opus 43



Metakinetic Invention 

Jay D. Zorn, Listening to Music, a four CD set published by Prentice Hall, Inc.
Disc 4, Track 5



Ordnal's Frenzy 

Mesita Dreams 

Shotsona (Trickster's Dance) 

Angel's Flight from Paradiso XXI (Five Visions from Dante)

Hammer Phase from Phase Music

Lesemann Electronic Music LE2342



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